Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Can Be Complex – Let Us Handle It

Miller & Associates Insurance Solutions has more than 30 years of experience.  As an independent Indiana Employee Benefits Agent, we represent dozens of top rated carriers and are well known in the industry.  We work with businesses who have 2 – 50 employees (small group), as well as 51-199 employees (medium group) and put our experience and stellar reputation to work for our clients to design benefit packages that are robust, while meeting financial goals.

Compete with larger employers in your market

Attract and retain top employees

Build a healthy and productive workforce

Take advantage of tax deductions

Stay within your budget

Employee Benefit Services We provide a FREE consultation and consider multiple factors to determine the best options for you and your employees. From implementation to annual renewals, we assist you in running your benefit program. Click for full list of benefit options.
Employee Wellness We work with top carriers who incorporate additional wellness benefits into the basic health coverage with little or no additional costs. Click to learn more.

Attract good employees while you increase productivity, moral and your bottom line.

Wellness benefits have become wildly popular in recent years because they have proven to increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs and claims.  To that end, as an independent Indiana Employee Benefits agent, we have multiple carriers have invested heavily in adding the right combination of preventative and wellness features to their base health coverage to help improve lives and lower costs all the way around .  Miller & Associates Insurance Solutions also works with well known wellness vendors who can provide additional, affordable wellness strategies, if desired.

Following are a few of the wellness resources available through employee wellness benefits:

Biometric screening, education and preventative programs.

Onsite or virtual physical fitness & nutritional classes.

Discounts to gym memberships.

Access to additional resources such as fitness trackers, blogs, subscriptions and more.

Access to additional resources such as fitness trackers, blogs, subscriptions and more.

Employees also have access to telehealth solutions, as well as a nurse hotline 24/7 for general medical advice.

Employees have access to programs such as smoking cessation, substance abuse help, financial wellness seminars and more.

Employees have access to preventative medicine such as flu shots, mammograms, colonoscopy, heart and cancer screenings and more.

401(k) Retirement Benefits We will assist you with setting up and maintaining a 401(k) retirement benefit program for you and yoru employees. Click for advantages and more details.

Help your employees achieve financial wellness by giving them an easy way to save for the future.

In fact, surveys show that next to life and health benefits, retirement benefits are the most effective tool to attract and retained a great workforce.

Following are a few of the advantages:

Convenient way to save through automatic payroll deductions.

Contributions are pretaxed, lowering taxes and maximizing contributions.

Borrowing against savings for life’s special events or hardship withdrawals.

Employers can match contributions, further enhancing the benefits.

Contributions made by employers are tax-deductible to the employer, therefore also lowering taxes for employers.

Many 401(k)s allow owners to also save for their own retirement.

We offer Traditional, Safe Harbor, Roths and Profit Sharing 401(k)s.

To set up a program, the employee determines a set amount to have set aside into his or her 401(k) account.

The employer usually offers a variety of different investment options (stocks, bonds, money market investments, or a mix of these), in which the employee will choose from to fund the account.
While there are annual contribution limits, the employer may choose to match a portion of the employee’s contribution.