Voluntary (Worksite) Benefits

Financial Wellness

Help your employees balance costs and financial risk with Indiana Voluntary & Worksite Benefits.

Voluntary benefits are a key component of today’s total benefit package. Also known as worksite or ancillary benefits, these plans allow employees to augment and enhance employer paid benefits by purchasing additional coverage through pre-taxed payroll deductions, at a discounted group rate.

Employees benefit from:

Higher job satisfaction

Lower payroll taxes

Sense of financial well-being

Employers benefit from:

Increased productivity

Attract and retain good employees

Enhances the benefit offering at little or no cost

Voluntary Benefits Options At A Glance

At little or no cost to you, the professionals at Miller & Associates Insurance Solutions can help you implement an affordable and robust voluntary benefit offering that includes Indiana Voluntary & Worksite Benefits.  Following is an overview of some of the types of voluntary benefits we offer.  For traditional group health and other employee benefits, click here.

Life Insurance

Employees can buy up or purchase an additional policy to increase employer paid coverage.

Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen anytime.  Accident insurance helps your employees be better prepared.

Disability Insurance

Surveys show that disability insurance tops the list as one of most desired benefits by employees.

GAP Plans

Supplements a high deductible, major medical and comprehensive benefit package.

Critical Care Insurance

Helps to reduce the financial impact when an employee or dependent becomes critically ill.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Pays a lump-sum payment directly to the insured for approved hospital stays.

Dental & Vision Insurance

A top five, staple benefit proven to promote overall health and wellness.

Key Person (Executive) Benefits

Because typical group insurance only covers a fraction of a key executive’s high income.